Where can I find a ‘how to’ guide?

You can find the “how to” guide by clicking the gear icon in the game, then selecting the question mark icon.

Where can I find my User ID?

You can find your User ID by clicking on the Level button in the top left corner of the game and selecting the Overview tab. It starts with “RS_” or “BigSpin_”!

Can I block someone on chat?

You can block someone on chat by right clicking on their name and then selecting ‘block’. You can also turn chat off if you prefer.

Why should I connect to Facebook?

Connecting to Facebook is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your player history is never lost. We also add 5,000 FREE coins to your account for doing so! You can connect to Facebook when prompted within the game, or by clicking on the blue Facebook icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. You have complete control over what is posted to your Facebook page and we will never share your information with others.

Be sure to Like Big Spin Bingo on Facebook and gain access to the latest news, updates and many free coin giveaways!

How do I stop Facebook posts to my wall?

To turn off Facebook posts, log into Facebook on a desktop and go to your Apps>Settings>select game>scroll down to “post”>uncheck circle.

How do I disconnect my Facebook account?

To change the settings go to Facebook>Apps>Settings>select game you wish you remove. Keep in mind that if you are not Facebook connected, you will be assigned a guest user id and may lose all player data.

The game is not loading, what should I do?

Please make sure you are playing the most up to date version of the game and that your internet connection is operating properly. We suggest our players always connect to a secure and strong WiFi connection when playing our games. If this experience persists please force quit the application from the background and relaunch.

How do I collect my daily bonus?

To collect your daily bonus, simply log into the game! Then hit the “collect” bonus button. Make sure you are collecting your bonus after 24 hours so you don’t miss it!

How do I receive notifications for free rewards and special offers?

Turn on push notifications to receive free credits and special offers right on your phone! You can do this by clicking “allow” when asked if you’d like to opt-in for notifications upon install.

You may adjust these settings on iOS by entering your phone’s settings, selecting “notifications” and scrolling down to Vacation Bingo. From there you may toggle on/off the notification controls.

On Android this can be done by entering settings and scrolling to the “Apps” entry. Scroll down to Vacation Bingo to enable or disable notifications.

How do I earn more free rewards?

You can earn free rewards by collecting your bi-hourly & daily bonus!

Like Vacation Bingo on Facebook for even more chances to win free Vacation Bucks, Flyer Miles, Power-ups & get the latest news, updates & more!




I have not received my purchase yet.

Please completely close out of the application and relaunch to refresh your account. If your purchase is still not available please use the Contact Us button and provide as many details as possible in regards to your purchase. Our Customer Support team will get back to you and award any verified missing purchases as soon as possible.

I think I was charged twice.

When making a purchase, please select the purchase button only once to ensure two purchases are not made while processing payments. If you believe you were charged twice please select the Contact Us button above and our Customer Support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a question about a recent purchase.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase that can not be found in our FAQs please select the Contact Us button above. Our Customer Support team will answer any questions you may have as soon as possible. Please have a copy of your purchase receipt readily available if applicable.

What methods of payment are accepted?

All purchases are processed by the app store associated with your device. To input updated payment information, new payment information, or see valid forms of payment please visit the app store associated with your device.

Does making a purchase affect my odds of winning?

Your odds of winning are unaffected by any purchases made.




How do I earn energy?

Collect your daily bonus each day for a consecutive energy bonus!

You can also Like Big Spin Bingo on Facebook for a chance to win free energy and giveaways!

What do I use energy for?

Energy is used to buy bingo cards in each room within Big Spin Bingo!

How do I enter a tournament?

Users playing on Facebook are automatically entered weekly! Make sure to keep an eye on the time to see when the next one is happening! Players earn bingo points by winning bingos! One bingo point is equal to one bingo win!

How do I send gifts to my friends?

You can send gifts to your friends by going to the gift center in the game, then clicking either the present or envelope icon in the game under the send/request tab!

How do I collect my gifts?

Collect your gifts by going to the gift center in the game!

How do I earn collectibles?

You can earn collectibles by daubing treasure chests squares on your bingo cards! Some collectibles can also be purchased with in-game coins!

How does daub alert work?

Daub alert is one of our newest Facebook features! Daub alert assists you with daubing by highlighting any numbers that have been called on the card to make daubing quick and easy. It also alerts BINGO if you have one available!

Please be aware that daub alert is not yet available on mobile.

How does the spin wheel work?

The spin wheel is a mini game you can play while you wait for your bingo game to start. You can choose to bet 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 coins. The prizes include power ups, coins, and XP!

How do Power ups work?

Power ups are “boosters” to help your game play! You can use them in every bingo room besides Classic Bingo.

Power up 1: Single Daub: daubs one number randomly per card
Power up 2: Double Daub: daubs two numbers randomly per card
Power up 3: 2x XP: double experience gained in one round
Power up 4: 2x Coins: double the coins gained in golden daub per round
Power up 5: Instant Bingo: randomly marks one number per card, daubing this number results in bingo
Power up 6: Super Chargers: requires three daubs to activate next power up, cool down reduced to 10 seconds
Power up 7: Extreme Chargers: requires two daubs to activate next power up, cool down reduced to 5 seconds
Power up 8: Treasure: randomly marks one square as a treasure chest per card.

What can I use coins for?

You can use coins to send gifts to friends, purchase power ups, collectibles, as well as to customize daubers!

How do I earn power ups?

Power ups can be found in treasure chests or by purchasing them with in-game currency or real money.

How do I customize my dauber?

To customize a dauber, players can click on their Inventory and select the Customize tab!

Where can I find what power ups are in my account?

You can find your power ups by clicking on the light bulb icon in the game and select the My Power Ups button. You can scroll over each power up to view it’s boosting abilities!

I don’t think I received my winnings.

Please refresh your game to see your current progress.If you are still not seeing your winnings added in to your game please select the Contact Us button and our Customer Support team will gladly get back to you.